Lets get back together and your team back to work.

Our secure, cloud managed COVID-19 testing and symptom tracking software allows you to keep your personnel and customers safe.

We ensure cases remain at home whilst you view real-time status, reduce risk and ensure operational efficiency.

What is workplace testing?

At testbase we provide a secure, managed programme that includes; the supply & distribution of tests, our GDPR compliant software platform, validation/certification of the results by our doctors and automated action outcomes to ensure your business and its people are protected.

Who is testbase for?


If you are looking to ensure that your event is not the site of a COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve got the solution. Whether it’s the supply of tests, the distribution to attendees, the platform to prove everyone’s free of COVID-19 or the travel certificates for them to travel home, we manage this for you whilst you focus on making the event a success.

Film & Production

If you’re bringing your crew and cast together on tight timescales, but need to ensure everyone remains COVID-19 free to avoid missed deadlines and production delays, we’re here to help manage their safety whilst you focus on staying on track.

Office Return

If you need to get your people and customers back together in a safe and collaborative environment, we have the platform to automate your testing. Whether we supply, or you use free tests, we drive testing to the home so your offices remain COVID-19 free and safe for your people.


If you’re facing challenges in managing your testing programme, we can automate the testing at home to ensure everyone is safe at your clinics. Supply, distribution, upload and validation by our medics or yours, so you can focus on patient care.


After 2 years of disruption and testing overhead, it’s now time to automate staff testing from their homes. Realtime visibility of results and automated outcome actions are all part of our Circ8 platform.


If the problem of testing or COVID-19 outbreaks are impacting your project timelines or profitability, let us help. We supply, upload, validate and automate the processes you need to test trades at home rather than on site, saving time and money.


Struggling to test you staff and pupils and keep COVID-19 impacting attendance and teaching staff levels, let us help you. We have a low cost software platform to ensure testing is automated and adhered to.


Ensuring distribution of stock and store sales staff are effective has been a challenge over the pandemic. Now we’ve automated testing at home to ensure your stores are COVID-19 free and your consumers are safe, ensuring you can focus on driving your sales and looking after your profitability and reputation.

Why you should have a workplace testing plan


Your brand, what it stands for and it’s ability to attract and retain talent could be damaged by negative press associated with a significant COVID-19 event.


Operational efficiency is the key to the success of every organisation. Running a smooth operation when sickness and absence rates are high not only stresses your people but also your operation.


The health and safety of your staff and customers is paramount. In any working environment the health of your staff is at the forefront of supporting a safe return to work, while enabling your work spaces for safe, creative collaboration.


Demonstrating you’re a responsible employer with a workplace testing programme reduces the risks to your business, whilst ensuring you’ve taken the appropriate actions to create a safe environment for all.


Making sure you have an effective COVID-19 testing programme, and in turn better protecting your staff members and customers, will help to reduce the potential impact on claim levels that an internal COVID-19 outbreak might otherwise create.

How testbase works

If simplicity is what you’re looking for, we’ve automated everything for you. Use our configurator to simply work out the frequency and number of tests you need and we’ll show you the cost of your programme. Pay for the programme and we’ll provide access to the platform. Here you’ll be able to upload personnel contact details, how often they are to test and we’ll do the rest.

Your staff and customers will receive a pack of tests and regular reminders when they are due to test. Once the test is completed they simply upload a photo of the cassette to us and the results will be centrally available to you via our administrator portal.

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Not sure where to start?
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testbase is designed to be easy to understand and access. We’ve provided a configuration tool allowing you to build your own testing plan customised to your specific requirements.

You can make changes to your configuration and see the commercial benefits allowing you to make any necessary ROI calculations before finalising your testing programme.

Our Partners

testbase operates it’s own secure, GDPR compliant operating platform, automating all of the operational elements of a compliant testing programme. Where we partner with external organisations to complete the managed programme, we do so with only the best in class providers.

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