This is a test page and Sandbox

This section demonstrates the new gated content functionality
The user will download the latest brochure from this link and then take them through the gated process

Inside the CMS the user will need to add this code to make it happen – This needs to be added in Elementor for it to work in-line with the text

Please try the demo here: Follow the white rabbit
When the user first presses on the link they are taken to a form which they need to fill out .  @testbase can you look over this form and supply some wording.   When the user presses submit the user has a cookie stored onto his computer for later referencing and is taken to a dedicated thank you page which can be used to track downloads in GA.  @Testbase – we need some wording here too please.
If the user tries to download a second document we look for a cookie present on their machine and if its present we let them download the form and take them to the thank you page.