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A Highly Infectious Virus That’s Growing More Contagious – How to Minimise COVID Risks

A recent study has revealed that exposure to one nasal droplet is enough to develop a COVID infection.

The medical paper, which is currently undergoing peer review, is the first that observed people throughout the entirety of the infection and as a result also concluded that most people are very quick to develop symptoms, usually within two days of contracting COVID. It also found that most people are at their most infectious when they reach day five of the virus.

‘When you consider that this study was conducted using a strain of the virus before Alpha, Delta or Omicron variants had even emerged, it’s inarguably now an even more infectious virus, and we are only talking about one nasal droplet in the first place. If this study were conducted again now with the BA.2 variant, we can assume that the infectivity would be even higher still.’

Dr Adam Al-Khafaji MBChB BSc MRCEM MRCGP PGCert (Testbase Medical Director)
And Dr. Adam isn’t wrong. As more and more studies emerge, we now know that BA.2 is the most contagious of all of the current strains, with current evidence supporting this. As referenced by an ex-WHO epidemiologist Adrian Esterman in a recent article, has even claimed that Omicron BA.2 is now almost as infectious as the measles – the world’s most known contagious disease.

‘If we dive into the study in greater detail there are some important points to note. It highlights the accuracy and efficacy of determining the viral load, and incubation period of an infected person through lateral flow tests (LFT’s) if they are used repeatedly and the process is well-managed. Especially for the large number of infected individuals that are asymptomatic, this regular testing is key to the prevention of further infection, whether that’s in a family home, corporate organisation, or community at large. Regular and well-managed testing is key.’

Dr Adam Al-Khafaji MBChB BSc MRCEM MRCGP PGCert (Testbase Medical Director)

Using LFT’s there is the ability to test individuals through to entire corporations in an easy and effective manner, with accurate results, and furthermore, at a low price point. Much lower than regular PCR testing would permit. Prevention is the goal and it’s clear that for this goal to be achieved, testing needs to be regular and take place at home to prevent further spread of infection and minimise COVID risks to others. A secure, effective COVID testing programme using LFTs is the best solution to do this.

‘It feels important to reiterate again that this study took place before the current, and evidently more contagious variants of COVID emerged. As such, we all now undoubtedly face even greater risk of infection, and so we need to be even more conscious in our efforts to minimise COVID risks to ourselves and those around us, whether that’s friends, family, or members of staff.

Dr Adam Al-Khafaji MBChB BSc MRCEM MRCGP PGCert (Testbase Medical Director)

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