The Importance of Personal and Health Data Protection

As a business owner, you should aim to follow the best practices when it comes to personal data protection, not only regarding health, but in general. Personal and private data protection is essential, and not just in the workplace. However, at work, all efforts should be made to protect personal information of your employees, including […]

The Benefits of COVID-Testing Risk Assessments for Getting Back to the Workplace

Over the past two years, we’ve seen many variants of COVID-19, with the most recent and infectious being the Omicron virus. This new strain of the virus is thought to spread faster than other variants. However, the side effects are thought to be less severe. Despite this, you’ve likely heard about the new law in […]

Working Safely During Coronavirus – Government Guidance (Updated 24th Feb)

Today the UK government have reduced COVID restrictions around isolation for those that test positive, and as a result have published updated guidance on working safely during Coronavirus and what you need to consider as an employer when bringing staff back into the workplace, in order to protect your team and customers.  The 5 main […]

Pushing Employers to Pick Up the Slack – The End of COVID Restrictions

Yesterday’s announcement by the Prime Minister outlining the end of COVID isolation measures in two weeks’ time (24th February) has drawn criticism from leading health scientists who claim that it puts public health at risk, particularly the elderly and clinically vulnerable, and will likely lead to a greater number of ‘Long COVID’ cases. The Scientific […]