Help me build my testing plan

testbase is designed to be easy understand and access. We’ve provided a configuration tool allowing you to build your own testing plan customised to your specific requirements. You can make changes to your configuration and see the commercial benefits, allowing you to make any necessary ROI calculations before finalising your testing programme.

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    Please use the options below to describe your environment.

    Your testing requirements

    How you choose to test your staff and visitors can vary significantly depending on your specific business operations and your risk calculations.

    Why are you interested in implementing a COVID-19 testing programme?

    Not all environments are the same and different COVID testing programmes are necessary based on your requirements. Confirming which of the following statements apply to your organisation enables our team to provide the most relevant advice and programme elements.

    Please select as many of the following statements which describe your COVID related challenges.

    Why are you looking to test your staff?

    Who are you?

    We’re ready to talk to you about the risk COVID-19 and it’s emerging variants could expose your operation. Please provide the following contact details and we’ll be in touch to help you navigate the latest compliance requirements and advice.

    Frequently asked questions

    Testing requirements will vary depending on the nature of your business. By telling us, we can use our experience to assist in identifying the most appropriate aspects of our services for your industry.

    Confirming the number of people you need to test enables us to understand the scale of your testing programme.

    The number of locations your testing program needs to cover, allows us to help in the planning the logistics of your deployment.

    Regular testing of staff is vital to the success of your programme as infection can move quickly when unchecked. The more regular the testing, the lower the risk.

    Untested visitors can allow infection to penetrate your testing programme. An effective testing programme needs to allow for the testing of planned and unplanned visitors.

    Multiple entry points require control to avoid unchecked site access and potential infection.

    We can arrange delivery to a central location, multiple locations or directly to individual addresses.

    You can request an additional PCR test to ensure that a positive result really is reported correctly and remove any uncertainty.

    testbase in house doctors can provide the additional confirmation and documentation required.

    The schedule you need to work to allows us to identify the appropriate logistical solution to meet your timescales.

    If you have staff or visitors entering your shared spaces who are not part of your testing programme, an Asymptomatic Testing Site will allow you to test as they arrive at site protecting your environment from uncontrolled access.

    Allows us to calculate how many ATS you require.