COVID hospital admissions

COVID Hospital Admissions Rising Around the Country as Omicron BA.2 Takes Hold

Pressure is being piled onto the NHS with rising hospital admissions around the country thanks to the Omicron BA.2 variant of the COVID-19 virus, with Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty believing that this trend will continue into April.

In his speech at the annual conference of the Local Government Association and the Association of Directors of Public Health, Prof. Whitty stated that the current COVID-19 crisis is not over’ before sharing that anyone out there that’s expectantly hoping for an ‘end point’ with this virus, shouldn’t be, claiming that COVID is very much likely going to pose a threat to our health for many decades to come.

“Covid cases are now rising quite rapidly – from quite a high base – and this is driven by a number of different factors, of which BA.2, the new Omicron variant is a large part. Rates are high and rising in virtually all parts of England.”

Shared Prof. Whitty, highlighting the infectivity of the BA.2 variant, and a need to continue to assess risks and make attempts to mitigate said risks in our personal and professional spaces.

“Variants and mutations of this virus will continue to pose challenges around the world. Even in the face of high vaccination rates, such as the UK boasts, there are likely already new variants out there that are just yet to be discovered and yet to hit our shores, variants that could pose even more of a threat. This virus does what viruses do best: Mutate to ensure their ultimate survival.”

Dr Adam Al-Khafaji MBChB BSc MRCEM MRCGP PGCert (Testbase Medical Director)

To really drive the point home Prof. Whitty also shared “It is currently being driven by Omicron rather than new variants, but we need to keep a very close eye on this because at any point new variants could emerge anywhere in the world, including the UK, as happened with the Alpha variant.”

While we are not currently seeing an increase in deaths, the impacts on an NHS that’s already close to breaking point is a serious issue.

“The impact on the NHS is huge, and we need to do all we can to prevent these hospitalisations rising. The economic impact is also significant here. Staff sickness and absence mean that organisations are without key team members, which can affect operations, efficacy and profitability. While health and wellbeing are of course our biggest priorities, the economic impact is still a significant point to consider too. If it’s true that this virus might continue to become more infectious, testing remains key, both to protecting the health and safety of the population, and to ensuring that businesses and the economy can bounce back from what has been an exceedingly tough period for all.”

Dr Adam Al-Khafaji MBChB BSc MRCEM MRCGP PGCert (Testbase Medical Director)

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