How it works

If simplicity is what you’re looking for, we’ve automated everything for you. Book a testbase demo with us or use our configurator to simply work out the frequency and number of tests you need and we’ll show you the cost of your programme. Pay for the programme and we’ll provide access to the platform. Here you’ll be able to upload personnel contact details, how often they are to test and we’ll do the rest.

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Your staff and customers will receive a pack of tests and regular reminders when they are due to test. Once the test is completed they simply upload a photo of the cassette to us and the results will be centrally available to you via our administrator portal.

If you choose to have the tests validated or certified, our team of doctors will review the result submitted to ensure accuracy, before providing confirmation of the resulting actions to be taken.

Once up and running, we can provide an API to ensure you can integrate and automate actions such as payroll adjustments, workforce rescheduling and workplace access restriction, ensuring minimal impact on your operations.

Of course, if your programme is more complex and you’d like to talk through it with us for some advice and guidance, please complete the ‘Go Beyond’ form and we’ll be in touch or call us on 0333 577 0099.

Our simple step process

Running your testing programme with testbase couldn’t be simpler as we’ve automated everything for you through our secure, GDPR compliant Circ8 software platform.


You design your programme on the website; who, where, how often and the test type you require. If you need support we’re here to advise and help you build a great programme.

Test Distribution

We supply the tests you need and send them to where you want them. Choose from self distribution from your HQ, dropped to regional centres or dispatched to individuals and we’ll help you fit the best programme for your budget.

Testing Programme

Add your employee or customer details into our platform and they’ll be sent everything they need to upload their test results in seconds, as often as you require, with real-time confirmation of the results.

Once the test photo is uploaded our platform will check it’s a valid test. If you need it, our doctors will certify the result.

Results & Insights

As the results are submitted our insight portal allows you to immediately see who’s tested and their status. Feeding this data into systems such as workforce management scheduling, Access control platforms and HR systems ensure the right actions are taken in real-time.

Who we help

A great testing programme, run by testbase, has benefits to every part of an organisation. As we get back to the new normal, creating safe spaces for people to collaborate in comfort can only be achieved if everyone feels safe and risk free.

Not sure where to start?
Let us guide you...

testbase is designed to be easy to understand and access. We’ve provided a configuration tool allowing you to build your own testing plan customised to your specific requirements.

You can make changes to your configuration and see the commercial benefits allowing you to make any necessary ROI calculations before finalising your testing programme.

Our Partners

testbase operates it’s own secure, GDPR compliant operating platform, automating all of the operational elements of a compliant testing programme. Where we partner with external organisations to complete the managed programme, we do so with only the best in class providers.

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