Pricing and return
on investment

Managing your business around COVID-19 is challenging enough so we’ve made the pricing simple and easy to understand. Just choose the number of tests you wish to issue, how often you need to test and you’re ready to deploy your testing programme.

You're in control

We’ve provided an easy to understand pay as you go model which gets you started quickly but allows you to add additional capabilities as and when you require them, ensuring you maintain staff and customer safety at all times

Our flexible platform allows you to calculate the potential cost of changes to your programme as your business adapts to COVID-19, allowing you to plan your operations in advance.

Not sure where to start?
Let us guide you...

testbase is designed to be easy to understand and access. We’ve provided a configuration tool allowing you to build your own testing plan customised to your specific requirements.

You can make changes to your configuration and see the commercial benefits allowing you to make any necessary ROI calculations before finalising your testing programme.

Our Partners

testbase operates it’s own secure, GDPR compliant operating platform, automating all of the operational elements of a compliant testing programme. Where we partner with external organisations to complete the managed programme, we do so with only the best in class providers.

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