testbase: Go Beyond Government COVID-19 Compliance

We’re Testbase 👋 and we want to take a moment to introduce ourselves and what we’re all about…

Who we are

Simply put, testbase is a secure, managed COVID-19 testing service for enterprise, education, healthcare, and events to ensure that organisations are keeping their personnel and customers safe, whilst maintaining maximum efficiency around their business operations.

The deeper ‘Who we are’ that sits behind that, is a team of incredibly experienced, pioneering changemakers driven by the ambition to influence a more considered approach to COVID-19 testing. At the heart of this ambition is a shared desire to better protect businesses from the risks faced by COVID-19, and more importantly, ensure the health and safety of the people that your business is built on: Your staff and customers.

What we do

At testbase we really do go above and beyond to ensure that our partners go beyond government compliance.

In the face of ongoing challenges and developments around COVID-19, we realised that by moving testing into the home we can essentially eradicate the risk of on-premises cross infection, and in turn, enable fast, appropriate, automated responses to any positive cases present within your organisation.

Our service covers the distribution of COVID-19 tests, ongoing support and validation of tests, certification where required, and most importantly, real-time visibility of all the live data and analytics regarding adherence to your testing programme, that can be viewed at any time through our intuitive, secure cloud-based portal.

What we can help you with

testbase was set up to help organisations go beyond government compliance to keep their personnel and customers COVID-19 safe and ensure operational efficiency.

Our secure, cloud managed COVID-19 testing service ensures cases remain at home whilst businesses can view real-time status and reduce risks in:


  • Test at home to avoid workplace asymptomatic spread
  • Real-time visibility of adherence, enabling informed decision making
  • Automated response to validated positive cases
  • Integrated certification for business travel
  • On site Asymptomatic Testing Site (ATS) deployment for testing contractors and visitors


  • Test students at home to avoid asymptomatic spread
  • Real-time visibility of adherence by staff & students
  • Automated response to validated positive cases
  • Reduced impact on student education


  • Test guests and crew at home to avoid asymptomatic event spread
  • Real-time visibility of adherence to avoid reduced attendance
  • Automated response to validated positive cases
  • Reduced risk of spread within the event and reputational damage

What this really means is
testbase gives you full visibility, and in turn greater control of your organisation and COVID-19 processes. With valuable, real-time data at your fingertips, you’re better equipped to make smart decisions to minimise and mitigate the impact of positive COVID-19 cases on your business.

Do you have a COVID-19 programme in place?

You can find out more about testbase, what we do, and how we might help your organisation here.

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