COVID testing remains key to beating the virus

Why COVID Testing Remains Key to Beating the Virus

WHO’s special envoy on COVID-19, Dr. David Nabarro, has made an appeal for people to remember that the virus is “still nasty” – and that without mass testing in place it is difficult to monitor “where the virus is”, and as a result,  COVID testing remains key to beating the virus.

This comes after the government ended free COVID testing around the country on April 1st 2022.

"The virus is the problem. People are the solution. You can't solve the problem and live with COVID if you don't know where the virus is. So, if there's one thing I would like to ask all governments to try to maintain - that is easy access to testing.”

Dr David Nabarro - WHO Special Envoy on COVID-19

With the UK population already facing inflated energy prices, many people are feeling the squeeze, and now the government are expecting them to go and pay for their own tests. If the government will not step up, someone must, and when it comes to businesses and organisations, as business owners, you will need to step in to keep your staff and customers safe.

“Testing especially when we are seeing higher numbers of both cases and hospitalisations is pivotal, and the use of lateral flow tests, due to the ability for cumulative testing with ease, needs to be utilised. Basic procedures – hand washing, social distancing and testing – are the key to controlling the risk and the spread of this virus; vaccines appear not to be the silver bullet that we were all told they were.”

Dr Adam Al-Khafaji MBChB BSc MRCEM MRCGP PGCert (Testbase Medical Director)

Testing isn’t just about finding the positives, but about monitoring the situation on a national scale. Currently, where is this information being documented? We don’t know whether people are testing or whether staff are coming in to work despite being positive. This is why COVID testing remains key to beating the virus. In order to enable safety, and efficiency within businesses and organisations, we need a reliable, well-managed testing system underpinned by smart, intuitive software – this is exactly what Testbase offers.

“Testing helps monitor the national situation. A positive test should lead to PCR testing, enabling genetic sequencing to help identify the presence of new variants, otherwise we don’t know what is happening or how this virus is mutating or developing, and perhaps becoming more problematic or dangerous. An efficient testing programme protects the most vulnerable, as it encourages people to self-isolate and reduce transmissibility.”

“We’re still learning about this virus and need as much data as possible. Testing provides this ongoing data collection, and in turn minimises risks and keeps people safe. Outside of keeping people safe, we must also consider the economic impacts of sickness within business too, it’s really important, and can have devastating impacts on small and big businesses across various industries if we don’t stay on top of the virus and the risks it poses.”

Dr Adam Al-Khafaji MBChB BSc MRCEM MRCGP PGCert (Testbase Medical Director)

Are you ready to protect your business and workforce?

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