Why should you implement a return to the office COVID-19 testing programme?

As we move on from the COVID-19 pandemic, lock down and restrictions on travel, employers need to return to the new normal.

For most businesses this will involve hybrid working, a mixture of working from home and coming back to the office. Employers are finding this transition almost as challenging as the agility required at the outbreak of the pandemic, as employee anxiety proves difficult to overcome. Offices and campuses remain underutilised, even after expensive make overs during the last couple of years. The missing part is to secure their people and the environment with suitable low impact COVID-19 testing programmes as we learn to live with COVID-19. 

Without testing, the eventual outbreak of COVID-19 will seriously impact your reputation as an employer, along with a disrupted transition to return to work and your ability to attract and retain talent. 

What risks will the programme mitigate?

Low levels of attendance, interruptions to collaboration or creativity and impacts on talent attraction are some of the risks that only a managed testing programme can avoid as we learn to live with COVID-19. 

Why you should have a workplace testing plan


Your brand, what it stands for and it’s ability to attract and retain talent could be damaged by negative press associated with a significant COVID-19 event.


Operational efficiency is key to the success of every organisation. Running a smooth operation when sickness and absence rates are high not only stresses your people but also your operation.


The health and safety of your staff and customers is paramount. In any working environment the health of your staff is at the forefront of supporting a safe return to work, while enabling your work spaces for safe, creative collaboration.


Demonstrating you’re a responsible employer with a workplace testing programme reduces the risks to your business, whilst ensuring you’ve taken the appropriate actions to create a safe environment for all.


Making sure you have an effective COVID-19 testing programme, and in turn better protecting your staff members and customers, will help to reduce the potential impact on claim levels that an internal COVID-19 outbreak might otherwise create.

How testbase works

If simplicity is what you’re looking for, we’ve automated everything for you. Use our configurator to simply work out the frequency and number of tests you need and we’ll show you the cost of your programme. Pay for the programme and we’ll provide access to the platform. Here you’ll be able to upload personnel contact details, how often they are to test and we’ll do the rest.

Your staff and customers will receive a pack of tests and regular reminders when they are due to test. Once the test is completed they simply upload a photo of the cassette to us and the results will be centrally available to you via our administrator portal.

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Not sure where to start?
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testbase is designed to be easy to understand and access. We’ve provided a configuration tool allowing you to build your own testing plan customised to your specific requirements.

You can make changes to your configuration and see the commercial benefits allowing you to make any necessary ROI calculations before finalising your testing programme.

Our Partners

testbase operates it’s own secure, GDPR compliant operating platform, automating all of the operational elements of a compliant testing programme. Where we partner with external organisations to complete the managed programme, we do so with only the best in class providers.

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