Why You NEED a COVID-19 Testing Programme For Your Business

With new data emerging all the time, it’s becoming clearer that the newest COVID variant: Omicron BA.2, is more transmissible and with higher reinfection rates than earlier variants. On top of this, research and trends indicate a high risk of further variants emerging at any point.

COVID-19 variant: Omicron BA.2
Despite increased risks, recent changes to guidelines and restrictions mean that the Government no longer takes responsibility for the health and safety of individuals within your business, despite alternative guidance from WHO.

As a business owner, that responsibility to keep your people safe now sits with you.

Have you carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment for your business?
n the UK it’s a legal requirement under health and safety guidelines.

HSE maintain that as an employer, you have obligations to mitigate risks to your employees and customers and prevent them from harm and outline that generic risk assessments aren’t likely to be specific or detailed enough. You need something that specifically takes COVID-19 into account when assessing risks in your organisation.

Now, as a business owner, undoubtedly you want to get back to high production and efficiency levels while of course considering your personnel’s safety. But employees across all industries are likely nervous about returning to the workplace or work events without confirmation that these spaces will be absent of Asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19.

The only solution is daily home testing with lateral flow tests (LFTs) to keep track of the emergence of COVID-19 carriers within your organisation.

This is only effective through a consistent supply of LFTs and a powerful, GDPR compliant, automation platform to effortlessly manage the entire process.

Built on state-of-the-art automation software that enables complete visibility and control over your business with regards to COVID-19, Testbase offers all of this and more.

If you’re looking for an effective COVID-19 testing programme to keep your staff and customers safe while maintaining operational efficiency, look no further than testbase. With cost-effective solutions for any size business or event organiser come and find out how we can help you here.

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